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Impact Investment Management

<em><strong>It's a whole new way of looking at investments.</strong></em>

Sustainable investing is one of the fastest growing segments of the financial sector.  And for good reason. Investors increasingly care where there money is going -- and the performance of sustainable funds has been highly competitive.

Many have heard of Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) principles being applied to stock selection.  But investors can also allocate their dollars to a far wider array of social impact segments: From renewable energy and organic farmland to microfinance and clean technology.

Likewise, fixed income can include segments such as "green bonds" that finance environmentally critical projects around the world.  Our job, therefore, is to analyze all of the opportunities for financial return with social impact.


Our Clients' Impact

<em><strong>It's a whole new way of looking at investments.</strong></em>

As with financial returns, impact is measurable.  We help our clients make a direct impact on:

...The environment, with solar energy partnerships that deliver clean power, displacing other dirtier sources.  

...Poverty, with affordable housing bonds that finance measurable numbers of low cost residences while earning investors interest rates comparable to other bonds.

...Gender equity, poverty and quality of life with microfinance opportunities around the globe that  touch millions of people while generating bond-like returns for investors. 

...Nutrition and food waste,  with direct investments in startup companies that save tons of food from landfills while simultaneously donating some to food banks.

...Water pollution, with organic farmland conversion that reduces tons of toxic run off into rivers and streams while producing thousands of pounds of organic produce.

Boardwalk is your research team, finding such unique opportunities for impact and profit.  We find experts in each field, bringing them capital investment from our clients.  We also act as our clients' advocate, negotiating more favorable terms or lower minimum investment levels wherever possible with these specialist firms.  

As a Certified B Corporation, our mission is pretty straight forward:  To help as many people has possible to invest with their values.  

Want to learn more? Contact us today to get started.

Integrating Sustainable Investments 

Research by Morningstar has proven that sustainable investing performs just as well as conventional approaches.   So, investors can have confidence that their investment plan won't likely be penalized by incorporating sustainable investment vehicles.

In fact, to incorporate sustainable investments into a financial plan, Boardwalk follows the same time-tested methods of portfolio management and uses the industry's best tools to align your portfolio with your risk tolerance and return objectives. 

The plan is first built with your financial needs in mind.

But then we do something different than most investment advisors:  We implement this plan with sustainable and social impact investment vehicles.  In this way, you achieve your objectives -- and do so in a manner that is consistent with your values. We favor low-cost index vehicles wherever possible, but recognize that some active managers have performed quite well relative to their peers.




Boardwalk Balanced Impact Strategy

For Accredited Investors*, the Boardwalk Balanced Impact Strategy program features a carefully selected group of impact investment partnerships, tailored to each investor's specific aims.  The program brings critical research, proper diversification and clear reporting to an often mysterious sector.

The fund line up is subject to change, and new funds are being added on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Past funds have offered clients access to renewable energy infrastructure (solar farms), affordable housing facilities, venture capital, private equity, secondary investments in clean technology, microfinance, private credit, and others.

Contact us at info@boardwalkcm.comto learn of the newest additions to the program  and to let Boardwalk craft an impact strategy for you.

* Accredited investors are defined as individuals or entities who meet certain net worth or annual income criteria.