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Retirement and Educational Planning

Sound investment management is focused on meeting certain objectives.  Never is that more clear than in the practice of retirement or educational planning.  Very real goals stand in front of each of us.  How can we achieve them? 

At Boardwalk Capital, we begin with a thorough understanding the tax structures that make these goals more attainable. Is a ROTH IRA more appropriate for you than a Traditional IRA?  As a business owner, have you fully taken advantage of the tax deductions available for creating your own 401k plan?  How does the tax code in your state of residence encourage 529 Plans for educational savings?

With this knowledge, and a clear assessment of your time horizon, tolerance for volatility, and specific needs, we craft unique strategies to meet each of your objectives. We make certain that you take advantage of every incentive, always stay within the legal requirements, and re-balance your portfolio regularly to keep risk levels appropriate as you approach the "withdrawal phase".

Contact us to start working toward those objectives.