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Scott Sadler, Boardwalk Capital Management

Scott Sadler, Boardwalk Capital Management

Founder and President

(404) 343-2026


I'm Scott Sadler, Founder and President of Boardwalk Capital Management. If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you care about the returns on your investments, and how you earn them.   At Boardwalk Capital Management, we understand this.  Indeed, we live this every day -- specializing in the pursuit of Wealth with Impact.   

We hope that you'll spend a few moments on our website to learn the unique ways we serve our clients. Then, let's have a conversation about what matters to you.

Things you should know:

Boardwalk Capital was the first wealth manager in the Southeast to earn certification as B Corporation.  ("B" stands for "benefit".)

We were especially proud to be named Best for the World , an honor bestowed on B Corps in the Top 10% -- best for their customers.   

Our mission is to help as many investors as possible to invest with their values, regardless of the size of their investment balances.

As a BCorp, we must balance our responsibilities across a range of stakeholders: Our Clients. Our Communities. And Our Planet. 

At Boardwalk, we have decades of experience across a full range of investment types, helping clients to meet their financial needs while understanding the unique perspective of what really matters to them.  

We'll inspire you to invest differently. 

We'll open your eyes to new possibilities, and tailor the end result to your specific needs.  

We’ll honor your values in all that we do, and help you to secure a legacy for all that you care about!

Thanks, and we look forward to helping you create Wealth with Impact,



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