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Our Approach

In the early 1990's, Scott Sadler (Boardwalk's founder) saw that the world 's economic balance and investment profile was rapidly changing.  To seize this opportunity, he led the effort to launch of one of the Southeast's first emerging markets equity funds. 

More than 10 years later, Sadler again saw a "sea change" in investor behavior and potential -- this time, in sustainability.  Believing that most "social funds" were noble but mediocre performers, he had initially dismissed the idea.  Months of research, however, led to the development of a "best-of-class" sustainable investing approach that convinced him that the financial benefits were as significant as the societal ones. 

These principles are the foundation for Boardwalk's equity strategies and of the third-party managers that we employ. 

Today, Boardwalk's  best-of-class approach integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis into every investment decision, believing that companies who lead their industries in these areas are the most prepared for the future.  In other words, we use ESG factors to find the world's best companies.

Our portfolio construction process reflects our objective of providing superior risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.  This means that all of our equity portfolios provide substantial diversity by industry and sector.  Our global portfolios are well-represented across countries. And every client's portfolio will have a variety of asset classes -- stocks, bonds, and alternatives.  

It's not what you make.  It's what you keep...  Real money.  Not just figures...  In other words, an investor's true return is their after tax, after inflation, net-of-fees return.  

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