About The Company

Atlanta-based Boardwalk Capital Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor specializing in Sustainable and Responsible Investing. Our principals have decades of combined financial experience, providing counsel to individuals and institutions all over the country. We offer both proprietary investment solutions, and premier third-party managed strategies, in order to meet the unique needs of each client.


Investors are awakening to the prospect of achieving both financial and societal goals. So, we incorporate sustainable principles into every one of our investment solutions.  And because informed investors are active owners, we strive to keep our clients engaged with their investments.


Certain principles transcend investment styles.  We firmly believe in the value of asset diversification, tax efficient management and full transparency. Our fee schedule is independent of asset type, meaning that we have no incentive to keep your portfolio invested in riskier assets that usually carry a higher fee at most firms.  This leaves our judgment unclouded by profit motives.  Furthermore, as a Registered Investment Advisory firm founded and lead by a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), we are held to the industry's highest standards of fiduciary responsibility and objectivity.   


"Triple bottom line" is part of our operating philosophy.  We are a Certified B Corp, which means we to do business differently.  Environmental stewardship and social impact are embedded in our corporate identity, right next to profitability.  


For safekeeping of client assets, all securities are held by one of several independent custodians, segregated from those of other clients or of the firm:  

     Pershing LLC --  Pershing is a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon, is one of the world's largest and most respected custodial banks.  Reporting is handled by Shareholders Service Group.

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Our Approach

In the early 1990's, Scott Sadler (Boardwalk's founder) saw that the world 's economic balance and investment profile was rapidly changing.  To seize this opportunity, he led the effort to launch of one of the Southeast's first emerging markets equity funds.  More than 10 years later, Sadler again saw a "sea change" in investor behavior and potential -- this time, in sustainability.  Believing that most "social funds" were noble but mediocre performers, he had initially dismissed the idea.  Months of research, however, led to the development of a "best-of-class" sustainable investing approach that convinced him that the financial benefits were as significant as the societal ones.  These principles are the foundation for Boardwalk's equity strategies and of the third-party managers that we employ. 


Today, Boardwalk's "best-of-class" approach integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis into every investment decision, believing that companies who lead their industries in these areas are the most prepared for the future.  In other words, we use ESG factors to find the world's best managed companies.

Our portfolio construction process reflects our objective of providing superior risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.  This means that all of our equity portfolios provide substantial diversity by industry and sector.  Our global portfolios are well-represented across countries. And every client's portfolio will have a variety of asset classes -- stocks, bonds, and alternatives.  Read more about our process and how sustainability can be incorporated into each asset type.

It's not what you make.  It's what you keep...  Real money.  Not just figures...  In other words, an investor's true return is their after tax, after inflation, net-of-fees return.  Read more about how we utilize tax efficient vehicles to help you keep more of what you earn.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that sustainable investing is the future of investing, and that someday, all investors will incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into their decisions.  For now, however, it's your "ace-in-the-hole" for finding superior companies with sustainable competitive advantages:


  - Respect for the environmentbrings efficient use of resources and higher profit margins

  - Employee satisfaction breeds superior customer service and repeat purchases.

  - Sustainable product design leads to consistent product quality and long-term brand value.

  - Robust governance standards breed a culture of disclosure and compliance, bringing higher market valuations and a lower cost of capital.


Companies that pass these strict ESG tests are building "sustainable profitability" while making a positive impact from their business and charitable activities. Employees like to work there, communities appreciate their citizenship, and investors are proud to have them in their portfolios.


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Our Team

  • B. Scott Sadler, CFA
    B. Scott Sadler, CFA
    President and Chief Investment Officer

    Mr. Sadler is a 25-year veteran of the investment industry. His experience includes wealth management for affluent clients of Goldman Sachs, Wachovia Asset Management and Bank of America across the United States and Canada. He was also the founder and, for seven years, was the lead manager of a top ranked international (emerging markets) mutual fund. Mr. Sadler is a graduate of the University of Virginia and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is a director of Montreal-based Will Solutions, an environmental services company, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Green Chamber of the South, and an active volunteer for the Citizens Climate Lobby.

  • Gerald Walsh
    Gerald Walsh

    Mr. Walsh is senior advisor and business development specialist for Boardwalk Capital. He is a 20+ year investment veteran, having worked for some of the world's most prominent foreign investment banks. Jerry has helped to build businesses for a number of successful investment advisory firms. Jerry is presently based in New York, NY and is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University.

  • Mary H Sadler
    Mary H Sadler
    Chief Operating Officer

    Mary is the firm's COO, responsible for administrative aspects of the firm's management. She is also the inspiration behind the firm's ethical investment focus. A longtime activist for good corporate governance, Mary has boycotted more products than most of us have ever bought. She is a Va Tech grad, with science and theology at her very core.

  • McLloyd Jensen
    McLloyd Jensen

    Mr. Jensen is another twenty-year industry veteran with a research and investment management background. Mac is based in New York, NY where he focuses on hedge funds and other alternative asset classes. Mac founded and managed the Solitude Funds, a family of multi-strategy hedge funds. Mac is a graduate of the University of Utah, with an MBA from NYU.

  • Celia Anderson
    Celia Anderson
    Advisory Board Member

    Ms. Anderson has more than twenty years of experience in institutional funds management. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a graduate of William & Mary (BS Economics) and earned an MBA from the Kenan Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. She has also passed the CFP exam and earned three different securities licenses. Celia is active in a variety of social and charitable causes and is a private investor.

  • William V. McRae, III
    William V. McRae, III
    Advisory Board Member

    Mr. McRae is an attorney with the Law firm of Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams and Aughtry. Mr. McRae has practiced law in Atlanta for over 20 years, with a diverse transactional practice focused on franchising, business and captive insurance transactions and estate planning. Bill represents franchisors and franchisees, business and insurance company owners and managers and high net worth families. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University (JD), Duke University (MBA) and the University of Southern California (BS).

  • Christopher Page
    Christopher Page
    Advisory Board Member

    Mr. Page has over thirty years experience in international finance and corporate advisory, as well as in asset management and private equity. Formerly a senior director of Robert Fleming in London for many years, he has worked worldwide, including extensively in many emerging markets .Now based back in the US he has served on numerous Boards of public and private companies, both in an executive and non- executive capacity.

  • Todd Campbell
    Todd Campbell
    Advisory Board Member

    Mr. Campbell has a more than 20 year career in law and insurance. He is presently the Director of Latin America Special Projects for CBL Insurance Limited, a New Zealand-based provider of specialty insurance products. Prior to joining CBL, Campbell served as the Interim CEO of Sagicor Life Insurance. For more than ten years, Todd was the CEO of Gramercy Insurance, a specialty lines insurer with executive offices in Norcross, Georgia.

  • Matthew Roszak
    Matthew Roszak
    Advisory Board Member

    Mr. Roszak is co-founder and managing partner of SilkRoad Equity, a global private investment firm. Mr. Roszak has spent over 17 years in private equity and venture capital and invested in excess of $1 billion of capital in a broad range of industries, with experience in executing a broad scope of transactions including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; corporate and transactional financing, including private equity, venture capital, mezzanine and conventional financings; public offerings, private placements and financial restructurings. Previously, Mr Roszak was a principal with Advent International, one of the world's largest private equity firms. Prior to its sale to DirectTV (NASDAQ: DTV), Mr. Roszak served on the board of directors of 180 Connect (TSX: CNCT) for five years, and was chairman of the audit and compensation committees. Mr. Roszak is a co-founder, director and beneficial owner more than ten other companies.

  • Jasbeena
    Advisory Board Member

    Jasbeena is a Managing Director of Syena Capital Management LLC, a Connecticut-based long/short hedge fund focusing on emerging markets. Prior to founding Syena Capital, Ms. Jasbeena was a director of Argonaut Capital Management and was the co-manager of the Evergreen (formerly Wachovia) Emerging Markets Fund. She is a graduate of McGill University and holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU.