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Trust and Fiduciary Services

Is your trust company unresponsive to your wishes?  Do you wish that their investment style was in sync with your values?  Does your estate plan include future trusts with a big institution? Has it been awhile since your estate plan was updated???  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we can help.  

Boardwalk has teamed with Commonwealth Trust Company to provide a full range of trust services to our clients.  Commonwealth is a Delaware-based independent trustee who has been providing services to investors since 1931.  When working with Commonwealth, clients retain their own investment advisor while gaining the full fiduciary services of one of the nation's oldest and most experienced trust providers.  It is a partnership that works for everyone.

Our principals have worked with trusts for nearly 25 years.  We understand that estate planning is a crucial part of asset and wealth management.  In fact, we are fond of saying that "asset location is as important as asset allocation."   In other words, the tax ramifications of your estate plan greatly outweigh ordinary "investment decisions" when determining the wealth that can ultimately be transferred to heirs or charitable entities.  We work with your estate planning attorney (or, we are happy make recommendations), and together we construct a multi-generational plan that fulfills your wishes and desires well into the future.

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