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Sustainable Equity - Separate Accounts

Sustainable Investing (SI) is our core business.  Our SI process follows a strict set of rules that select true best-of-class sustainability leading companies. And we incorporate these principles into every other asset class, finding investments that meet a our return requirements while providing non-financial benefits, as well.  

We look for sound environmental stewardship, a commitment to employees and their communities, safe and high quality products, and the highest standards for corporate governance and integrity. These qualities provide the foundation for every sustainable investment program.

Equity portfolios are just part of an investment plan. A thorough analysis of each client's objectives leads to in a unique investment program to meet those objectives. Asset allocation begins with a sustainable equity solution and is supplemented by a wide range of other investments types. In each case, your portfolio is constructed to meet your specific return objectives and risk tolerance, and is "re-balanced" regularly to make sure that risk stays in line. 

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Your sustainable equity portfolio:

Our portfolio construction process starts with the world's largest and most prominent companies.  (Over $10bn in market capitalization.) With this approach, each portfolio can serve as a "core" holding for any investor. We also rank companies based on a variety of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) metrics.  Only companies that exceed their peers firms in these rankings can be included in the portfolio. Lastly, we exclude companies in certain controversial industries (i.e., tobacco) or who have had significant lapses in safety, environmental stewardship or ethics.

Our sector and country allocation rules ensure that industry and geographical representation closely resembles the benchmark index.Our objective is for sustainability factors to drive performance, while participating in the fundamentals of each particular country and industry group.

Each strategy is a comprehensive solution, and as a separately managed account, is highly customizable to your unique values.  The most customization that is requested by our clients is to avoid fossil fuels.

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