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Retirement Plan Design and Management

Thinking about "Greening" your retirement plan? We can help... with a plan that fits your corporate values, while delivering competitive performance at an economical cost.    If you are an entrepreneur, your first business priority is profitability. But are you taking advantage of a tax code that encourages you to save for your retirement?  Are you offering retirement options that retain your best employees?   Do you just want to know what your alternatives are? We can help...

Boardwalk works with the nation's largest plan administrators to provide you with competitive, cost effective and solidly performing investment alternatives -- wrapped in a plan that fits your firm's identity.  For a sole proprietor, it might be an Individual (k) plan.  For larger firms, defined contribution (401k), defined benefit (traditional pension) or profit sharing plans may make the most sense. 

Boardwalk Capital can handle any sized plan, and we can deliver a conventional program or one focused on sustainable and socially-responsible investment vehicles.  (Or any combination thereof.)  

In all cases, we remove the fiduciary burden from your firm by helping you satisfy your regulatory requirements:

  1. Competitive performance
  2. Fair costs
  3. Available counseling to your participants.

Contact us to learn how we can help you create a retirement plan that your employees will actually use, and that is consistent with your corporate values.