LightPath Portfolios

Investors of all kinds need access to cost-effective sustainable investments. 


To meet that need, Boardwalk Capital created the LightPath Portfolios.  Four global, sustainable investment allocations that encompass a full spectrum of risk/return profiles.  One is sure to meet your specific needs.

Why LightPath Portfolios?

Professional All LightPath portfolios are professionally managed and well-diversified allocations to equity, fixed income and commodity securities.  Sustainable and responsible equity investment vehicles employed throughout each model portfolio.  

Cost effective: We make extensive use of cost-effective and tax-efficient ETF's, paired with top performing actively-managed mutual funds.   All portfolios feature performance reporting, manager oversight, regular portfolio reviews and annual rebalancing.  Assets are securely maintained by third-party custodians.

Tax aware:  Investors can choose from taxable or tax-exempt fixed income vehicles, along with community investment funds that provide financing for housing and small business. International and emerging markets debt round out the asset allocation for more aggressive models.

Personal:  We work with you to personally determine which LightPath portfolio best fits your needs:





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Still need more information?

OK.  Here's how we build the LightPath Portfolios:

1. We employ firms that you know
:  Each portfolio is constructed from low-cost exchange traded index funds (ETF's) and top performing actively-managed mutual funds from leading companies such as:






2. We scrutinize cost and performance:  Funds must meet our sustainability criteria and are then selected based on investment performance and cost effectiveness (low expense ratios).
     Index funds:

                       Expense ratios: Below the average of similar passive funds

                       Performance: Competitive with active funds in their category

     Actively managed funds:

                       Performance:  Ranked "three stars" or better by Morningstar 

                       Expense ratio: Below the average in their category.


Our approach combines the cost effectiveness of index vehicles with competitive performance of active funds wherever they have demonstrated an ability to add value.  When coupled with regular portfolio rebalancing, investors can maintain a consistent risk profile over time while still striving toward achieving their financial goals.



3. We look for impact:  Investments in sustainable equity funds, such as those listed above, help you to be sure that your companies are good environmental stewards and respected corporate citizens.  These funds provide you with exposure to the best managed large companies from around the world. They set the standards for others to follow. 


Other investments target smaller "impact investments".  For example, RSF Social Finance or Access Capital funds are more akin to fixed income. As the investor, your dollars may provide capital to socially conscious companies or support  housing or development in rural or under-served areas.  As with a bond or bond fund, you earn an interest rate on that investment. You invest and society benefits.


Each type of investment is impactful, in its own way, and we share information on the target companies with you.



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