Asset Allocation

The proper asset allocation for each client is the mix of assets that:


1. Is the most likely to achieve your financial objectives over the long term.

2. Has volatility characteristics that you can tolerate in the short term.

To accomplish these seemingly opposing aims, we begin by getting to know you, gaining an understanding of your:

      Financial goals, both short and long term

      Personal values, causes and issues
      Attitudes toward volatility          

      Need for current income, capital appreciation, liquidity and tax benefits

We create an investment mix that brings the best sustainable and responsible solutions to fill those needs.


A plan that:


            - Meets your financial objectives          - Stays within your risk tolerance           - Is true to your values


Diversification of investment types
helps to protect and grow your capital. Sustainable equity and fixed income are investments that often serve as the core of any investment portfolio. Other asset types including commodities and precious metals, green or clean tech equity, and even so called "Triple Bottom Line" private equity may be incorporated, based on client-specific objectives.


Unlike other investment approaches, sustainable equities are chosen for their financial strength, environmental policies and performance, social impact and governance standards.


                These are companies you would be proud to work for -- and to own in your portfolio.


Equities surely don't get all of the attention.  Mission-based fixed income seeks high-quality bonds that finance critical functions -- like water systems, green space, pollution control, schools and hospitals...

               These are bonds that enhance the local quality of life -- and are worthy of your investment dollars.

This is just the beginning, so click here to explore how each of the asset classes shown above can play a role in a customized, sustainable and personal investment program.

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