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Share Lighting Retrofits: Low Hanging Fruit
For some time now, we have been hearing a politically-charged and nonsensical debate in Washington over new standards for light bulb efficiency. These standards while new, completely follow past precident to advance the industry and improve efficiency while giving manufacturers clarity from which to make investment decisions.

Less interesting to many, but more impactful to companies and to society, are the efficiency gains that are being realized every day through lighting retrofits. The cost savings are often staggering.

Kenco, a Chattanooga-based logistics and warehouse operator, recently disclosed a sizable project to replace lighting in two of its warehouses in Tennessee. The company will reduce light-related electricity consumption by some 70% (670,000 kwh annually) though the use of high intensity fluorescent lights and a sophisticated sensor system, adjust lighting intensity when ambient light flows through the skylights.

The firm estimates a full financial payback on this investment within 18 months, but the benefits accrue in other ways. Emissions are reduced by the equivalent of removing more than 130 cars from the road. And according to the firm's sustainability director, the cost savings, when passed on to customers, will give the company a competitive business edge for several years.