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Share A Slowly Boiling Frog -- Investor Summit on Climate Risk

On January 12, 2012, Boardwalk Capital joined nearly 500 of the world’s investors and most powerful financial players at the United Nations.

Collectively, more than $20 trillion in assets were present, united by a desire to catalyze the large-scale investment needed to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate potentially catastrophic climate impacts. This was the fourth Investor Summit on Climate Risk and Energy Solutions.

Particularly interesting were the opportunities presented in financing energy infrastructure and low carbon equity management that were supported by some of the world's largest pension plans -- CalPERS, British Telecom and California Teachers along with State Treasurers from North Carolina, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Perhaps the most poinient moment was when Rob McCord, Pennsylvania State Treasurer likened investors to a frog in a pot of hot water. A slow change is difficult to detect, until it is too late.

The investors in the room are choosing not to wait for governments to act. They are pressuring companies and political actors to move swiftly to combat this growing threat, repositioning portfolios away from high risk enterprises and seeking investment opportunities in emerging industries and from mitigation beneficiaries. The reason is clear: Literally trillions will be spent on clean energy solutions and on amending old ones.