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Boardwalk Capital Management

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Investing and saving are important. But isn't your life about more than that?  

Of course, it is.

At Boardwalk Capital, we understand this. We specialize in investing for a greater impact. And we’re a Certified B Corporation, which means that we many duties: to our clients, to our communities and to our planet.

Today’s investors want their finances to reflect their values, but they don’t want to miss market opportunities.  And that's precisely what we do at Boardwalk Capital Management. We have decades of experience across a full range of investment types, helping clients to meet their financial needs while understanding their unique perspective on what really matters to them.  

When you work with Boardwalk, you work with highly experienced investment professionals using the most advanced tools available.  We’ll work closely with your legal and accounting professionals to maximize your after-tax returns, taking advantage of specific strategies and account types that you may have never considered. We’ll open your eyes to possibilities, and tailor the end result to you and your needs.

We strive to be a resource for our clients, helping them with issues as diverse as Social Security claiming, tax-free income strategies, insurance, estate planning and asset protection. Yes, we focus on investing. And yes, we tailor those strategies to our clients’ values. But life planning is about far more than investing.

Let us inspire you to invest a little differently. We’ll honor your values in all that we do, and help you to secure a legacy for all the you care about.


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