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Connecting Finance and Impact:  "SRI"

At Boardwalk Capital Management, we're passionate about bringing together two distinct elements: Financial returns and positive impact.  We're dedicated to an investment approach called Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing, or SRI.  Here's how it works:



We start by analyzing the financial

Click below for a short questionnaire to determine your Risk Number.  It's the first step in our Discovery process -- learning about you.  From there, we can provide a complementary portfolio evaluation and stress test, with no obligation whatsoever. A simple statement upload is all that it takes (and we'll help with that, too.)




It's worth the trouble!  4 out of 5 investors find that they are taking more risk than they expected.

Importantly, this stress test wlll simulate how your portfolio will likely perform in an environment like:

     •     A repeat of the 2009 financial crisis

     •     A sharp rise in interest rates

     •     A strong bull market 

And, if your portfolio is not properly aligned with your objectives, we'll show you one that is.  
We'll even create a visual map to your financial destination, retirement or otherwise.  You'll see if you are on the correct path.


Then, we assess the sustainable

The World's sustainability leading companies are the best positioned to navigate the challenges of rapidly changing consumer attitudes, regulations in flux, dynamic energy markets, a warming global climate, shifting demographics and technological innovation beyond our wildest imagination. 

Companies who continue to operate without addressing this "new normal" do so at their peril.  These are investments to avoid.

We're positioning stock portfolios for the future -- today!




Finally, we incorporate the social

It's your values that drive your portfolio.  We'll work with you to determine what matters most to you, and how to implement an investment plan built around these wishes.  Do you care most about local issues or global ones?  Environmental or social?  Gender or diversity? Your portfolio can support what you care most about. 

Contact us to get started, or simply click the "Determine my Risk Number" button above.





More about Impact Investing 



Impact Investing is growing rapidly...


Nearly 20% of professionally-managed money in the US today employs an SRI approach. In Europe, it's nearly 50%. We're talking 6.5 trillion dollars in the US alone!  And it's growing fast, as you can see in the charts below. A new type of investing is taking off!  You're in good company...
















If you care about it, we can build it 


At Boardwalk Capital Management, we help individuals and institutions create intelligent portfolios of sustainable, responsible and impact investments, bringing best-of-class, cost effective solutions to investors of all sizes...  Our independence means that we have the flexibility to bring you investments from wherever we find them.  We have true "open architecture",  meaning that we have no "proprietary products" or "buy lists" here. Just the best that the world has to offer.


Your portfolio might include community investments, renewable energy or organic farmland...  Your stock portfolio can favor companies who are the best environmental stewards or those with most diverse boards of directors...  You can even specify a fossil-free portfolio that avoids oil, gas and coal (or exclude any other industry, for that matter.) 


From "quality of life" (mission) bonds that build schools, water systems and green space to "microfinance" lending that empowers entrepreneurs in emerging countries, your investments can encourage positive change while earning competitive financial returns. 


Still not convinced? 

Download our report:  Five Myths About Responsible Investing  


It's all up to you.  Click here to get started connecting your investments with your values.    







Why Boardwalk Capital? 



We're uniquely qualified to help you Create Your Legacy -- your lasting impact on the world.  Your brand, perpetuated. Your financial impact translated into social energy.  This is what we do.  Here's what we uniquely bring to the equation.


B CorpExpertise:  We're specialists in sustainable and impact investing, with the tools and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals while building a legacy you can be proud of.  We take the best practices of large institutional investors, bringing transparency and consistency to the management of your assets.


Experience:  From foundations to executives  to celebrities, we have decades of experience working with some of the world's most sophisticated investors and managing some of the most advanced portfolios. We believe that it is not what you make, it's what you keep.  We are experts in minimizing the tax impact of your investments. We also keep your portfolio's risk consistent over time, through disciplined poptfolio rebalancing.


Ethics:  And we are a Certified B Corporation  which means that as a company we will seek to do business a little differently, balancing profit with social impact and environmental stewardship.  And as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) founded by a Chartered Financial Analyst, we are held to the industry's highest fiduciary standard.


We think that it is a unique value proposition for the investor who wants more than just financial returns.

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Challenge conventional thinking

Investors often believe that they must choose between profit and impact -- that they must ignore environmental and human factors in order to earn competitive returns.  But research proves the opposite:  Companies who care about the impact of their activities are better long term investments than those who do not. 


                                   Source: MSCI 



Know what you own!  Pollution

Sustainable investors know what they own -- to suit their values, of course, but also to manage risk.  


Risks from resource scarcity and climate change are real and growing.  Regulations are in flux, creating new winners and losers.  And with consumer attitudes shifting rapidly, poor corporate citizens risk being left in the cold.  


These new risks require new approaches.  And, sustainable investors are already using them. 


So, Click HERE to get started, or call us at 404-343-2026.




Let's redefine what it means to invest.

The Sustainable Investor: In Pursuit of an Enlightened Investment Portfolio