Intelligently constructed portfolios with highly customized implementation.


Your investments will: 

  •     Earn competitive financial returns
  •     Match your values
  •     Support your personal brand
  •     Build your legacy


First:   Determine how much risk YOU can tolerate 

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Then, make your portfolio yours

Today's investors have a different mindset... They scrutinize what they buy, what they eat and where they shop... Their investments are no different.  In short, they want to be more connected.  


     Your values drive your portfolio. 

     But this is definitely not charity. 


There is a better way to invest.  It's called Social Impact Investing (SRI).  It's about you, it's about impact, and it works.  


Investing for Impact!

You're not alone.  Nearly 20% of professionally-managed money in the US today employs an SRI approach!  In Europe, nearly 50%.


At Boardwalk Capital Management, we help individuals and institutions create intelligent portfolios of sustainable, responsible and impact investments, bringing best-of-class, cost effective solutions to investors of all sizes.  


Competitive financial returns with measurable social impact...  Let's get started -- connecting your investments with your values.    


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While Creating Your Legacy

 As specialists in sustainable and responsible investing, Boardwalk helps you achieve your financial goals while building a legacy you can be proud of.

And we are a Certified B Corporation  which means that as a company we will seek to do business a little differently, balancing profit with social impact and environmental stewardship.





Challenge conventional thinking

Investors often believe that they must choose between profit and impact -- that they must ignore environmental and human factors in order to earn competitive returns.  But research proves the opposite:  Companies who care about the impact of their activities are better long term investments than those who do not. 


                                   Source: MSCI 



And know what you own  Pollution

Sustainable investors know what they own -- to suit their values, of course, but also to manage risk.  


Risks from resource scarcity and climate change are real and growing.  Regulations are in flux, creating new winners and losers.  And with consumer attitudes shifting rapidly, poor corporate citizens risk being left in the cold.  


These new risks require new approaches.  And, sustainable investors are already using them. 


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Let's redefine what it means to invest                                                    

The Sustainable Investor: In Pursuit of an Enlightened Investment Portfolio